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If you wanna be my lover…

….you gotta be prepared for my hour-long rants about fictional female characters and why they are so important.

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things you don’t point out about people:

  • acne
  • cuts
  • Scars
  • body hair in places you’re not used to it being???
  • fat rolls/curves
  • how much/how little they’re eating
  • how skinny they are/what bones they can see because of how skinny they are
  • How fat they are.
  • If they have crooked or misaligned teeth maybe even yellowed
  • If they sweat a lot

don’t do it


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the universe did not converge in the series of improbable events that ended in your existence on this flying rock in the middle of space so that you could discredit the identity of teenage bisexual girls

This statement would be…

Pretty sure bisexual guys get more disdain from families than girls.


congrats on having an opinion. now why don’t you take it and derail someone else’s fucking post with it, you gigantic fuckwad.

this bisexual on bisexual anger is what’s letting the monosexuals win, just fyi

no. you know what is happening here? bisexual men talking over bisexual women and shaming bisexual ladies for talking about the problems they face. i am all for bisexual guys talking about their experiences, and i am all for bisexual people of any gender to talk about their shared experience. but their is no reason that a guy of any orientation needs to come onto a post about protecting bi teenage girls, which at no point even claimed that bi teen girls have it the worst or whatever, to say “pretty sure bi guys have it worse.” that is not helping bi women in any ways, shape or form, it is shitting all over them.

Everyone has problems, some more than others, it’s not based on gender its based on the situation. Can we please just… not fight over this anymore and just be friends…?

the fact of the matter is that bi women are way more likely to experience stalking, intimate partner violence, depression and suicidality, and sexual assault and rape. that is not a random coincidence. it is not something that happens organically. it is a part of a larger pattern of violence against all women, and it is entirely rooted in gender. it is literally impossible to talk about the oppression of bisexuals as a whole without also acknowledging that the oppression of women is at play as well.


a guy once told my lesbian friend that being a lesbian is a huge turn off for guys and that she’ll never find a boyfriend.

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Nicki features twerking girls in her Anaconda video and people call it “pornographic and inappropriate” but Taylor Swift uses black girl’s asses as props and people see it as ~quirky and cute~ I’m so sick of this earth

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